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In 1910, Herman and J. Fred Ferger of Ferger Brothers Real Estate began developing Ferger Place, building post Victorian-style homes and billing the whole experience as “country living in the city.” In the early 20th century, East Main Street was so rural that not only were Ferger Place's paved streets considered quite the luxury, but its signature stone pillars were built to flank the gates to keep the cows out! In the mid-1920s, residents held a street naming contest and changed the two streets in the district from "Hickory and Holly" Streets to "Morningside and Eveningside" Drives.

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Our Historic Homes and Gardens Tour, planned for May 2020 in honor of Ferger place's 110th birthday, was indefinitely postponed. Stay tuned for a post-pandemic tour date.

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Date: TBD

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10 homes and gardens open on the tour

Tickets: $20 (purchase at the first stop on your tour, 108 Eveningside Drive)

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All proceeds go to maintaining our neighborhood park

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  • 1910: year the Ferger Brothers developed Ferger Place as a “private restricted park”: the first planned subdivision south of the Mason-Dixon. 

  • $3,000: minimum residence cost in 1910

  • 1922: inaugural year of the Ferger Place Garden Club

  • 1979: year FP was added to the National Register of Historic Places (about the same time as St. Elmo and Fort Wood)

  • 240: number of acres over which Ferger Place stretches

  • 1991: year Ferger Place was came under the regulation of the Chattanooga Historic Zoning Commission (CHZC)

  • 4: number of districts in Chattanooga regulated by the CHZC (Ferger Place, Battery Park, St. Elmo, and Fort Wood)

  • 1 1/2: number of miles Ferger Place is from the heart of downtown

  • 2: number of acres of Henriette Park, which is owned and maintained by our neighbors

  • 69: numbers of homes in Ferger Place

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Eveningside Drive and Morningside Drive Chattanooga TN United States 37404


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